Dora Wedding Rings Lifetime Warranty


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Dora Lifetime Warranty

DORA offers a life-time warranty against any manufacturing faults and the ring replacement policy. This means that if your ring becomes too loose or too tight, DORA will replace it with a brand new one free of charge. Conditions apply. (see policy conditions below).

The international warranty card that accompanies every DORA ring certifies the authenticity of the ring and the exclusive ring replacement policy. The DORA Hallmark within the ring certifies that the DORA ring was crafted to the exact specifications of our master jewellers from the finest quality materials. Every DORA ring comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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Your DORA ring is protected by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Dora Ring Replacement Policy

At DORA we understand that
with few exceptions, nothing remains the same. Unfortunately this
applies to our figure and weight, both of which are almost certain to be
very different in the future from what they are now. This is where the
DORA Ring Replacement Policy comes in. When you buy a DORA ring it
entitles the purchaser to one free exchange if the ring becomes too
loose or too tight.The following conditions apply to the DORA Ring Replacement Policy:

  1. Register ID number to activate this policy.
  2. There is only one free exchange per ring.
  3. The ring must have been owned for a minimum of 6 months.
  4. The ring must have the Dora hallmark.
  5. There must be more than one full size difference required in the replacement ring.
  6. The ring replacement policy does not apply to damaged rings.
  7. Diamond
    set, platinum and platinum 600, palladium, silver and titanium rings
    (including Geo) are not included in the ring replacement policy.
  8. The replacement ring must be the same metal, colour and style as the original ring.